With all of the planning involved in a wedding, it can be easy to forget about arranging the wedding makeup appointments and figuring out the details, so you can get them just right.

Book Your Professional Makeup Artist Early.

Don’t let this important part of the puzzle fall through the cracks. You’re not vain for wanting to look amazing on your wedding day. Make your appointments early according to our comprehensive guide so you can check that piece off your list early. Be sure to contact Kiss N’ Makeup early so that we can get you on our books in a timely manner.

Come Prepared

It’s tempting to just show up and tell a makeup artist to work their magic. But that’s the equivalent of showing up to a criminal law office and telling them to do the same. They’re artists, and sometimes magicians, but not psychics. Search through Pinterest, trendy blogs, and your friends’ Facebook pictures and create a portfolio of what you want. Though there can be some artistic flair left to your professional makeup artist, it’s just important for you to have an idea of what you want before your big day.

Wear White

This doesn’t occur to most, but wearing white will help the professional makeup artist create a color palette that can fit the coloring of the dress. If you can wear a shade of white that’s close to your dress color, you’re even better off. White can be draining sometimes, so depending on the warmth levels of the white of your dress, your artist can dynamically adjust your design to compensate for the potentially draining effect of white.

Bring The Veil

Professional makeup artists are visual people. If you bring the veil they can adjust the designs and colors you want in your wedding to look great under the veil and without it entirely. This will make those during-the-wedding candid shots look perfect without too much editing.

Bring Your Go-Tos

Those products you use all the time work for a reason. Bring them along to your initial Bridal-Run-Through. Your professional makeup artist can incorporate these into the plan or use them as a springboard for colors that you like. Every piece of detail you can bring that will help your makeup artist understand you better will make the look they craft for you that much more unique and stunning.

Take Photos

Makeup artists are human, too. They may forget a tiny detail that makes all the difference. Help them along the way to remember every detail so you can get the look that’s just right. Write down products, brushes, and any other details you think might help the artist to remember your expectations.

Don’t Jump to Conclusions Because of a Selfie

If you take a picture of the look and then look at it later and you hate it, don’t freak out. Phone cameras are sharp now, it’s true, but they’re not infallible and you’re not a professional photographer. Chances are the lighting was wrong or it could be any other factors coming into play.

Don’t Share

Although this is a tip for the day of you wedding, don’t share your brushes, mascara wands, or anything else when you’re getting your makeup done. There isn’t a reason to cross-contaminate when you don’t need to. Freak of nature beauty blunders are not welcome on this highly planned and coordinated day.