Perfume has the potential to heighten the senses, fill the soul, and imprint a memory onto a smell. It is widely regarded that smells are the most effective memory triggers. Imagine being able to take a sniff of your favorite perfume from your special day and vividly remember the happiness surrounding your wedding like it was yesterday. With a well-chosen fragrance, your wedding day will be as timeless as that amazing scent you rubbed into your pulse points that morning.

Choosing a fragrance that will come to hold so much significance throughout the coming years can seem daunting. Don’t fret—we’ve found that many women are most pleased with a scent that they find to be symbolic already, like a perfume attached to the nuances and beauty of your unique personality. It may seem like a broad swath of scents can represent different portions of your personality on various levels, which is why we’ve devised a guide to help you determine a scent that can fit you best and be rich in beautiful symbolism like a good novel.


If you find yourself to be a daydreamer with a soft spot for sad romances, you might call yourself a romantic. Try searching for a musky scent with floral notes to complement your passionate disposition. If you lean toward the rebellious side of things, glance around for a perfume including tuberose. It was banned in the Victorian era for its aphrodisiac properties. As you shop through our suggestions, keep in mind that you’re mainly looking for something that stimulates your senses.


We’d suggest Dior J’adore to complement that beach wedding you’re thinking of. It’s perfect for warm weather and pairs well with the Austin heat and sun. Shake the desert harshness with the fleur-de-sel hints that will give this scent a distinctly oceanic feel.


Prince Rainier commissioned Creed to design a perfume worthy of Grace Kelly, his betrothed. The famously royal brand has just released a jasmine, amber, and sandalwood perfume that will perfectly match the ball gown wedding you’ve always wanted.

Tiffany has always been a romantic brand with its baby blue branding and crisp jewelry designs. Thus, it’s no surprise that their floral scent with iris heart is the perfect scent for a romantic.


Gabrielle Chanel was always a rebel. She’s accredited with breaking women away from wearing corsets so it’s no surprise that the scents from her company are always at least a little rebellious and entirely unique. Named Gabrielle for its namesake, its core includes that bold tuberose that will inspire romantic visions of Victorian-era chaise lounges and chivalrous love.

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