Senna Cosmetics has been a staple in my life. First, as a client, then as a makeup artist. Senna’s brow products are hands down the best in the industry. Their Silky Primer and Barely Base foundation/tinted moisturizer are great because they are lightweight and make everyone’s skin look natural and incredible. The lip lacquers are a favorite- they are hydrating, and the colors are exceptional. I could keep going, then I would have to write a book!


Girlactik is a unique cosmetic line with an exceptional story. Cabo is my favorite bronzer. It works so well on light to the fairest of skin tones. No orange/brick colors here! It’s very natural looking! I love their jello balm for lips, feels fantastic on your lips and looks natural with just enough color. The liquid eyeliners glide and can go from super thin to bold without a lot of effort. The cream shadows are in an easy stick form, that make for a quick application with staying power. My go-to’s when time is of the essence.


Blinc Cosmetics mascara is the perfect mascara for clients that want a natural lash look. And it comes off without a mess! Their black lash primer is a game changer for me. No more trying to cover up the “white” on your lashes when you use this product. The brow mousse in universal brown is perfect for anyone wanting to cover up grey brow hairs. Great for in between brow tinting or in place of tinting.


Isdin is one of the leading skincare lines in my opinion. It is based in Spain, and while I love so many of their products, I’m going to mention my favorites. The sunscreen, by far, is the best! Lightweight, not sticky or heavy feeling and it is loaded with good for your skin ingredients. The eye cream is light weight and cooling, which is great for puffy eyes. I’ve tried others, but I always circle back to this eye cream, nothing beats it! The Skin Drops are out of this world!! They can camouflage almost anything, seriously! Yet it is very light weight. It doesn’t take much in an application to cover rosacea, dark circles, or even bruises from cosmetic procedures.