Eyebrows matter. It’s probably safe to say that the eyebrows define the face. It’s the sole reason that some celebrities have reached as far in their career as they have. This obviously renders it as a way to succeed in life, as in good eyebrows equals fortune, fame, and probably that pair of shoes from Nordstrom Rack that weren’t there when you went back for them. They are the feature that give our face expressions and frame our eyes in the same way that dark trim on a beautiful house can frame the architectural beauty of the structure.

Gratuitous hyperbole aside, eyebrows are much like other things you can alter on your body, such as makeup and various hair removal services. They can give you that extra spark of confidence that can translate into added value to your day-to-day life. Strong eyebrows are, in short, a game changer that you’ll actually feel and notice.


Austin’s Best Eyebrow Shaping

Kiss N Makeup provides high-quality, coordinated eyebrow shaping that’s based off of color theory, proportions and so much more. Our well-rounded approach allows us to create a strategy for your face shape that will give you the most out of the eyebrows you already have. Our service is based off of several factors that come together to create the superior experience that allows us to boast as the best eyebrow shaping in Austin.



Getting to Know Your Eyebrows

Eyebrows are not recognized as more than an unnecessary accessory that your body just happened to populate. While you may spend time and money preparing them for your day, it’s likely that you have no idea why the exist on their face and what function they serve. Understanding their purpose is the first step to crafting a shape that’s versatile and fits the fluidity of your lifestyle while boosting your confidence.


 The Purpose of Your Brow

Your eyebrows are an auxiliary aid to help you see. They’re there to keep rain and sweat from leaking into your eyes and blurring your vision. The arch of the hairs is there to guide the water like a downspout to the side of your face so it runs down your temples instead of into your eyes.

Their Longevity

You may notice how fast your brows come back and you might even keep a better measure of how quickly the strays can grow in, but are you aware of how long the pieces you’re keeping last? The average, individual hair lasts around four months, then it’ll fall out and grow back in on a similar schedule to how fast the strays grow back in. This can change from time to time due to hormone rushes and other strange chemical happenings in your body.

Your Eyebrows are Dense

On average, a person has around 250 eyebrow hairs in each eyebrow. In some cases, if you’ve never plucked your brows, you probably have closer to 1,100 hairs in each. Managing the shape and way that hair lays is crucial to making sure you don’t look like a medieval peasant. Eyebrow tweezing or waxing ensures a reliable and polished look that can only serve to make you look more professional and attractive.

They Help With Facial Recognition

We’re not sure how it factors into facial recognition software, but for the everyday person, they’ll probably recognize you based off of your eyebrows. MIT recently did a study where people were presented with pictures of other people that they knew without their eyebrows and found that they had trouble identifying the people in the pictures. If you change your eyebrow shape, you won’t be unrecognizable, but the difference will be noticeable, yet subtle.

They Aid in Communication

We’re the only mammals that have eyebrows against bare skin. This contrast allows us to communicate more readily with our fellow humans and gives us an actual evolutionary advantage. Because of our eyebrows, we were able to communicate more readily and thus became a more productive species. You’ll notice they help others signal emotion to you and they vary their position and movement alongside people’s voices. Next time you notice your pitch change you should take not of what your eyebrows do. When you pitch drops, they’ll drop with it and when it rises they’ll hike further up. They’ll even indicate expressions you don’t think about by reacting with symmetrical movement. When you’re thinking about something, they’ll display this through asymmetrical movement without any prompting on your part.

Shaping Eyebrows is a Long-Established Tradition

When you’re getting your eyebrows shaped, you’re actually following in the footsteps of people from thousands of years ago. Facial grooming has been an expectation and held up as a human beauty standard since we coined the idea of beauty. Eyebrow shaping has changed throughout history in some strange ways. In the colonial portions of America, you could set yourself apart as part of elite society by using grey mouse skin to turn your eyebrows into hulking, bushy masses hovering above your eye. If you lived in Florence, Italy in the 1400s, you’d shave them off entirely to mark yourself as an artsy patron known for your unparalleled style. Nowadays, eyebrow shaping is much more coordinated and calibrated to make your attractive features look that much more stunning.

The Shape of Your Eyebrow Changes How People View You

There are various studies that analyze how the brain analyzes the shape and structure of your features. The human brain analyzes eyebrow shape quite a bit and will make assumptions about your personality depending on how it classifies the shape. For instance, curved eyebrows are interpreted as meaning that you’re people orientated and that you’ll require real world examples to understand a situation. Straight eyebrows is interpreted by the brain as that person being factual, logical, and direct. It also implies that the person relies heavily on details, specifically technical details. Angled brows mean that you like to be mentally in control and enjoy being proven right.



Proper Eyebrow Trimming and Tweezing

When it comes to trimming and tweezing your eyebrow into the correct shape for your face, less is more. Tiny adjustments along the shape and line of the brow can completely transform the way your face looks. All brows are different like all faces are different and various shapes and sizes will be able to enhance and diminish different features with finesses. However, knowing what tiny pieces to alter is where the artistry of shaping eyebrows comes in. Contact Kiss N’ Makeup to start accessing a feature enhancing brow you can be proud of.


Eyebrow Shaping is All About Your Natural Shape

Trying to turn your eyebrows into something they aren’t means you’re going to be fighting a losing battle. The best way that you can capitalize on features that are already in your favor is by following the outline your brow has already laid out for you. If your brows are already powerfully arched, it’s probably best to avoid waxing or getting to pluck happy. The idea is to shape, not refurbish your eyebrow. While your face shape might encourage you to lean in one direction or the other, the best thing you can do is ensure their color is thick and even.

Eyebrow Tweezing For a Straight Brow

If your brow naturally grows in a straight line you’ll probably benefit from a little definition. Arches that are too subtle won’t do much for the definition of your eyes or angle of your jaw and cheekbones. We’ll work on rounding out your arch without ruining that beautiful angular shape, and then we’ll turn our attention to the ends. Elongated tails on your brows can add an element of elegant femininity to the once blockier structure of your straight brow. Other shapes can certainly benefit from different tactics such as outlining the gentle curve of an s-shaped brow or delicately altering the curve of the arch in a thicker heavier brow. Establishing a tactic that can keep your brows looking great on the day-to-day is a key part of getting your eyebrows professionally shaped.



Sometimes More Eyebrow Threading Isn't The Answer

As you’ve probably gathered by now, your eyebrows are crucial, so what happens when you accidentally over pluck or make a brow mistake? Is your mood going to be ruined and people lose the ability to easily recognize you? It’s probably not that dire, but if you can’t get in right away to come see us at Kiss N’ Makeup to repair the accidental damage, we have a few ways you can fix the brow mistake without falling into an all out panic.


You’ve Grown Out Faster Than Expected

Sometimes hair grows fast for wonky reasons, but that doesn’t mean you have to rush back and try to get a touch appointment sooner than you planned. Try not to go in and DIY as it might interrupt the careful grow and adjust strategy that we’ve already established. Instead, use a brush to manipulate the brows into imitating an arch. The natural grain of the hair should make this easy to accomplish.

Over-Plucked Eyebrows

If you took matters into your own hands and ended up a little sparse we can fix that too. Hair will grow back, obviously, but in the meantime take a brow pencil two shades lighter than your brow and sketch in the shape you’d like. Blend it with an angled brush and some light powder.

Bald Spots

Sometimes hair in your eyebrows will fall out because of stress and tons of other crazy reasons. If a bald spot becomes noticeable, don’t fret, it’ll come back. While you’re waiting for it to fill in again we recommend taking a light brow powder and filling the color in. Brush the color in with your spool to make the color even and you should be all set.

Eyebrow Trimming For Wild Brows

If the hair is having trouble staying in order it might be time to invest in some brow scissors. Take your spool brush and gently ruffle the hairs and point them up and away from your eye. Any hairs that extend past the natural line of your brow you can snip and they should start to lay with the grain of the hair much better.



If you need eyebrow shaping services, need to prepare the makeup routine for your wedding, or if you’re just looking to enhance your gorgeous features, reach out to us. We’ve been providing Austin with quality beauty services for years and we’re so excited to add you to our list of happy customers.