Eyebrow shaping is a delicate matter. Your artist needs to understand the principles of face shape based on your jawline, length of your face and the height of your cheekbones. The most effective way to emphasize the favorable features of your face shape is through careful eyebrow shaping. This is performed by eyebrow tweezing.

While men can manipulate the features of their face with their facial hair, women only have their eyebrows to work with. The first step to deducing what kind of eyebrow shape suits your face best is to determine the shape of your face. You can categorize your face as an oval, a heart, a diamond, a square, a round or long. Each face shape is a good place to start, but your artist here at Kiss N’ Makeup will be able to highlight the attractive features of your face based off of more than the form of your jaw.  

Throughout your appointment, you’ll receive instructions on how to maintain the shape we establish with you. You’ll learn how to manipulate the structure of your eyebrow to enhance those features you really appreciate, like your wide eyes or plush lips. We hand pluck right from the start to achieve a precise, custom form that will truly set your natural beauty apart.