Every self-respecting man knows they can’t walk around with a neck-beard, ear hair, or a T-shirt they fished off the ground. What some don’t know is that eyebrow grooming is just as important.  Eyebrows have a tendency to get out of hand on those of the male persuasion, rendering them looking unkempt and unprofessional. Avoiding all of this unpleasantness isn’t hard work, though. It merely takes a regimented eyebrow tweezing schedule that will help you keep everything in place.

The Eyebrow Shaping Technique

Most pause at the prospect of eyebrow tweezing —is it really necessary? To which you could reply, “Is shaving necessary?” Facial hair of any kind is equal in its need for diligent maintenance, but it’s not quite the same as approaching a woman’s eyebrows. Women shape their eyebrows much more, where men are merely required to unusually long threads of hair and strays the pull away from the overall line of the brow. You don’t have to worry about the pain of waxing, that’s much too much for a man’s eyebrow session. Our general goal is to give your eyebrows a figure becoming to your face shape and manageable for you. If you’re a bit tentative about coming in to have each little hair pulled from your brow, don’t sweat it. Mostly, we’ll be trimming them down so that they lay in a unified while enhancing the masculine features of your face.

We promise, you’re not damaging your masculinity, your groomed brows will enhance it instead. We’re even willing to bet, you could come out of your appointment looking younger and more professional than before.

Seek Men’s Grooming For Your Man

If your boyfriend is in need of some serious help with their brows and you don’t have the time or the patience to do it yourself, contact Kiss N’ Makeup, we offer a personalized plan to each new customer. Don’t worry about having to argue about his grooming, let the pros handle the convincing and shaping, we’re happy to help.