Kiss N’ Makeup Products


Senna Cosmetics has been in business for more than forty years. This cosmetic line is timeless. I was a client of Senna Cosmetics before becoming a Makeup Artist and Brow Specialist. They offer amazing quality products at a reasonable price point. And, Senna Cosmetics was THE originator of brow enhancing products. Some of the many things we love about this line are their long lasting lip lacquers, their silky primer, and their foundations and brushes.


Girlactik Beauty is a newer line to Kiss N’ Makeup. We chose this line because we loved the creamy powder shadows, the long lasting créme shadows, the stunning Cabo bronzer, and a fabulous array of lip lacquer colors. It is a cosmetic line that is appealing to our youngest clients, while still offering a beautiful selection of products for women of all ages.


Formerly known as “Kiss Me” Mascara, BLINC was the first company to develop a mascara that slides off eyelashes. It’s called the “Bridal” Mascara because it stays on. When you remove it, there is no residue. It’s like a ring sliding off your finger. We love it!