Your wedding day is the moment you’ve been dreaming of and designing since you were a little girl. You’ve done research, and you’ve thought-out how the day will proceed. You’ve pictured the setting, the cake, his suit, your hair, and you’ve daydreamed about how your dress will billow in the breeze. It’s a magical moment, something that you’ve built up in your imagination, something you’ll look back on for years. Together, we can make everything exactly how you dreamed it would be, if not slightly better.

Even if you’re a veteran Sephora VIP, you’re bound to have questions about beauty expectations and styles for the wedding day. Since weddings are such a specialized event, it can be hard to decide on what you want and what you need. In the beginning, it’s best to start simple. We’re here to answer those first-stage questions that will start you down the right path to finding the styles and products you need for your big day.

The Skin

Everyone has always pictured themselves as a glowy-skinned bride with a radiant smile and sparkling eyes and beads, and just everything glamorous. While some of those things might not be as important as they seemed when you were five years old, the skin expectation will stick around. How do you even begin to get the glowing skin you’ve always pictured? Start with analyzing the current state of your skin. If you’re suffering from issues like acne or an uneven complexion you should talk to your favorite salon skin care pro at least six months before the big day. Book a consultation first and see what they have to say about how they want to go about giving you the glowing, healthy skin we all want. If you’re one of those lovely ladies who are fortunate enough not to suffer from any skin problems, start a facial regimen around two to three months beforehand.

The Hair

You want your hair to be perfect for the pictures. When looking through Facebook and seeing everyone else’s wedding photos, you probably notice how well-coordinated it all is, and how they must’ve known exactly what hairstyle they wanted the minute they got engaged. The truth is they didn’t. The hairstyle is completely dependant on the dress, venue, and your own comfort level. Comfort always equals confidence, which will in turn make you look stunning on your wedding day. Most importantly, don’t fret about the length of your hair. Any good stylist has access to hair extensions and those will make all the difference in turning your dreams into a reality.  

The Tan

Lots of people really enjoy getting spray tans. It gives them the feeling of being a sun-worshipper without the risk of melanoma. It’s a win for everyone, but is it necessary to start a potential new habit for your wedding day? If you’re afraid of your skin looking too pale on the big day, pursue a trial run around a month before the date. This will give you time to determine if you like the technician and the service, as well as give you enough time to exfoliate the tan away if you don’t like it. If you do like the look, go ahead and schedule another session three days before your wedding day to prevent streaking on your skin and dress.

The Last-Minute Zit

Remember that scene in My Big Greek Wedding, where she suddenly gets a zit on the morning of her wedding and they spray Windex on it? Don’t do that. That’s a comedy movie, not a wedding documentary. Instead, call up your dermatologist and ask for a cortisone injection. A pimple will miraculously dissipate without you having to squeeze and irritate the skin surrounding it. If there’s no time for that, try an over the counter topical solution with benzoyl peroxide in it. That will reduce the redness and then your professional makeup artist can handle the rest. Don’t worry, they can cover an inconvenient pimple with unparalleled finesse.

With all of this in mind, it’s decent to assume that you’ve got a really decent base to proceed with the beauty details surrounding your big day. Oh, but there’s so much more to think about and decide on, this is only the beginning of the fun.

Looking for a bit more guidance? Contact Kiss N’ Makeup. Our coordinated wedding makeup services are designed to help you decide on the best look for you. We’re so excited to get a taste of the excitement surrounding your fairytale wedding. And more importantly, we’re so looking forward to being apart of the magic.

Perfume has the potential to heighten the senses, fill the soul, and imprint a memory onto a smell. It is widely regarded that smells are the most effective memory triggers. Imagine being able to take a sniff of your favorite perfume from your special day and vividly remember the happiness surrounding your wedding like it was yesterday. With a well-chosen fragrance, your wedding day will be as timeless as that amazing scent you rubbed into your pulse points that morning.

Choosing a fragrance that will come to hold so much significance throughout the coming years can seem daunting. Don’t fret—we’ve found that many women are most pleased with a scent that they find to be symbolic already, like a perfume attached to the nuances and beauty of your unique personality. It may seem like a broad swath of scents can represent different portions of your personality on various levels, which is why we’ve devised a guide to help you determine a scent that can fit you best and be rich in beautiful symbolism like a good novel.

The Breakdown

If you find yourself to be a daydreamer with a soft spot for sad romances, you might call yourself a romantic. Try searching for a musky scent with floral notes to complement your passionate disposition. If you lean toward the rebellious side of things, glance around for a perfume including tuberose. It was banned in the Victorian era for its aphrodisiac properties. As you shop through our suggestions, keep in mind that you’re mainly looking for something that stimulates your senses.

For the Beach Bride

We’d suggest Dior J’adore to complement that beach wedding you’re thinking of. It’s perfect for warm weather and pairs well with the Austin heat and sun. Shake the desert harshness with the fleur-de-sel hints that will give this scent a distinctly oceanic feel.  

For the Princess

Prince Rainier commissioned Creed to design a perfume worthy of Grace Kelly, his betrothed. The famously royal brand has just released a jasmine, amber, and sandalwood perfume that will perfectly match the ball gown wedding you’ve always wanted.

For the Romantic

Tiffany has always been a romantic brand with its baby blue branding and crisp jewelry designs. Thus, it’s no surprise that their floral scent with iris heart is the perfect scent for a romantic.

For the Rebel

Gabrielle Chanel was always a rebel. She’s accredited with breaking women away from wearing corsets so it’s no surprise that the scents from her company are always at least a little rebellious and entirely unique. Named Gabrielle for its namesake, its core includes that bold tuberose that will inspire romantic visions of Victorian-era chaise lounges and chivalrous love.

Kiss N’ Makeup is here to help you coordinate your entire beauty regimen for your wedding. With our several stepped plan, we have our processes designed to ensure you look like a dream for your wedding day.

With all of the planning involved in a wedding, it can be easy to forget about arranging the wedding makeup appointments and figuring out the details, so you can get them just right.

Book Your Professional Makeup Artist Early

Don’t let this important part of the puzzle fall through the cracks. You’re not vain for wanting to look amazing on your wedding day. Make your appointments early according to our comprehensive guide so you can check that piece off your list early. Be sure to contact Kiss N’ Makeup early so that we can get you on our books in a timely manner.

Come Prepared

It’s tempting to just show up and tell a makeup artist to work their magic. But that’s the equivalent of showing up to a criminal law office and telling them to do the same. They’re artists, and sometimes magicians, but not psychics. Search through Pinterest, trendy blogs, and your friends’ Facebook pictures and create a portfolio of what you want. Though there can be some artistic flair left to your professional makeup artist, it’s just important for you to have an idea of what you want before your big day.

Wear White

This doesn’t occur to most, but wearing white will help the professional makeup artist create a color palette that can fit the coloring of the dress. If you can wear a shade of white that’s close to your dress color, you’re even better off. White can be draining sometimes, so depending on the warmth levels of the white of your dress, your artist can dynamically adjust your design to compensate for the potentially draining effect of white.

Bring The Veil

Professional makeup artists are visual people. If you bring the veil they can adjust the designs and colors you want in your wedding to look great under the veil and without it entirely. This will make those during-the-wedding candid shots look perfect without too much editing.

Bring Your Go-Tos

Those products you use all the time work for a reason. Bring them along to your initial Bridal-Run-Through. Your professional makeup artist can incorporate these into the plan or use them as a springboard for colors that you like. Every piece of detail you can bring that will help your makeup artist understand you better will make the look they craft for you that much more unique and stunning.

Take Photos

Makeup artists are human, too. They may forget a tiny detail that makes all the difference. Help them along the way to remember every detail so you can get the look that’s just right. Write down products, brushes, and any other details you think might help the artist to remember your expectations.

Don’t Jump to Conclusions Because of a Selfie

If you take a picture of the look and then look at it later and you hate it, don’t freak out. Phone cameras are sharp now, it’s true, but they’re not infallible and you’re not a professional photographer. Chances are the lighting was wrong or it could be any other factors coming into play.

Don’t Share

Although this is a tip for the day of you wedding, don’t share your brushes, mascara wands, or anything else when you’re getting your makeup done. There isn’t a reason to cross-contaminate when you don’t need to. Freak of nature beauty blunders are not welcome on this highly planned and coordinated day.

Looking your best on your special day is going to be slightly complicated. There are many variables in this equation, but if you hire a professional makeup artist that specializes in Bridal makeup, you’re going to be just fine. This is not their first voyage and they’re completely equipped to assist you with pretty much all of your beauty needs, including false lashes and even men’s grooming services, just in case his eyebrows look like they belong on a muppet.  

Here at Kiss N’ Makeup, we want your day to go exactly as planned, we want to see the fairy tale come to life with you at the center. Our passion to make your wedding day dreams come true has spurred us to create a coordinated process for our bridal makeup application and appointments.