Texas girls can’t help but shine!

Have you noticed your eye is just drawn to those products that cast the golden glow or look like gemstones in a box? We know. Shimmer is just in our DNA. That’s why Master Brow and Make Up Artist Karen Helton of Kiss N’ Makeup spent the day hanging out with the Tom Ford reps at Neiman Marcus at the Domain to highlight some of her favorite gilded products.

Tom Ford Cream + Powder Eye Color

These two-tiered nuggets combine a beautiful cream base with a major shimmer powder on top. They’ve got great wearability, and can even withstand Texas summer humidity.

The base itself provides a warm, golden glow while the powder gives that pop of shine that we’re drawn to like moths. The days of having to depend on just powders are gone, and Karen loves these in particular because they don’t crease!

Tom Ford Skin Illuminator

This liquid illuminator has your back when it comes to all over glimmer. It’s the perfect touch to brighten up any skin tone and give you that dewy, slightly glittery shine. Perfect for summer when your dry skin needs a little extra helps to rock that healthy glow. Add it to your foundation or just wear it alone.

Karen getting a little “illuminated” by Tom Ford Rep Christine

Lip Lacquer over any Lipstick

Lipstick can be a bit drying in the summer, leading to chapped lips and peeling (not fun). Karen suggests layering this pearlescent Lip Lacquer over your favorite shades to not only lock in moisture, but give you that glossy shine we Texas girls are all lusting for. It’s the perfect size for your purse too!

Soleil Sheer Highlighting Duo

Last but not least, this good old-fashioned powder highlighter is one of Karen’s go-to products. The lighter and darker shades allow you to mix and match for the perfect amount of shimmer, from just a hint of pink shine to a sun-kissed rosy-cheeked look. And, of course, it’s laced with a beautiful hint of gold that works with any color.

These products are all perfectly designed with the Texas girl in mind, full of gold, silver and pearl shine to create the perfect shimmery look this summer (or any occasion!). We know you can’t help it. . . Turn that shine on!

Huge thanks to our friends Christopher and Christina with Tom Ford, exclusively at Neiman Marcus, for letting us play with your beautiful products, and to beauty consultant Houda for helping us find the perfect looks.

Christopher. Christina, Houda and Karen at Neiman Marcus Domain